STUDIO REE // Frederik De Clercq

Frederik De Clercq (1991) is a musician and audio producer. He graduated in 2013 as a Master of Audiovisual Arts: Radio at RITCS School of Arts and went on to get the degree of Bachelor of Pop and Rock Music (singer/songwriter) at PXL-Music.

Today Frederik is primarily known for his work as a composer, songwriter and singer. He creates soundtracks for theatre, audio fiction, audio documentaries or commercials, coaches different social-artistic projects and performs music onstage with his own projects. Many of his works found their way to podia and/or radio stations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Frederik regularly works with or for collaborators such as theatre company Het nieuwstedelijk, audio production company Het Geluidshuis and audio producers Wederik De Backer and Lucas Derycke.